A study of grinding wheel structure improvement to suppress chatter

Date of Completion

January 1994


Engineering, Mechanical




This research is in the area of mechanical engineering design. The purpose of this study was to develop a theoretical and practical model for improving the shape and structure of grinding wheels so as to suppress chatter.^ Two flexible grinding wheel designs were worked out. The first design, a strictly axisymmetric wheel, was built and tested. The second design was developed using the Boundary Element Method (BEM) Optimization technique. The optimization was performed on the structure in order to minimize waviness. All of the related formulations and computer algorithms were developed by the author of this thesis. Some of the advanced techniques developed include: transformation of body force, treatments of singular integral, corners, complex domain, multiple work case and so on. A non-linear optimization program was adapted and linked with the BEM program.^ From the results of computation and experimental test, it can be concluded that the theoretical derivation is correct and the proposed designs will make an efficient and significant step in designing the wheel effectively suppressing chatter. ^