A study of the relationships between the professional preparation of Korean media specialists and their roles and functions in Korean universities

Date of Completion

January 1993


Education, Technology of|Education, Higher




The purpose of this research was to investigate the relationship between the professional preparation of indigenous media specialists and their actual roles and functions in Korean universities. Ethnographic methodology was used for this study. In-depth interviews with four Korean media specialists three women and one man, aged thirty-five to forty-five, a group interview with twenty-five Korean media specialists, and documentary analysis were the research tools employed. Qualitative research procedures such as axial and selective coding were employed to analyze and interpret the data. This approach was effective in compiling detailed, contextual information that is pivotal for understanding the media specialist's job as it is experienced in real academic settings in the Republic of Korea. The findings and conclusions produced some grounded theory.^ How four media specialists are actually functioning in different Korean institutions of higher education was investigated. The findings will assist academicians in assessing the appropriateness of educational media studies for prospective Korean specialists. The study also helps Korean media specialists to better adapt and adjust what they have been taught in university program in order to meet the expectations of their constituencies. ^