Doppler-free laser spectroscopic and optical study of some dihalogenated transition metal compounds

Date of Completion

January 1990


Physics, Molecular|Physics, Optics




The high resolution absorption spectrum of chromyl chloride, CrO$\sb2$Cl$\sb2$, in the gas phase has been studied with the method of saturated polarization spectroscopy and phase sensitive detection for signal enhancement. This study was conducted in the vicinity of the A$\sb4$ origin at 580.0 nm and utilized a tunable, single-mode, frequency stabilized, CW ring dye laser whose line width was 1 MHz or less.^ An optical study of the absorption of selected transition metal dihalides is presented. The design and testing of equipment for a laser spectroscopic study of the fluorescence of transition medal dihalides in molecular beams is presented, with recommendations for continued studies. ^