Immagini degli Uomini nella Letteratura e nel Cinema: Esempi di Mascolinita Siciliana dal 1941 al 1978

Date of Completion

January 2011


Literature, Romance|Gender Studies|Cinema




In the era of globalization the concept of masculinity has undergone fundamental changes thereby begging the reassessment of previous, often vexing questions. The negotiation of male stereotypes, identities, and roles in society forces us to rethink the many ontologies of masculinity inherited from a rich Italian literary and cinematic tradition. The purpose of this research will be to investigate the evolution and the repositioning of concepts of masculinities in Italian culture (specifically Sicily) as articulated between the years of 1941 – 1978 a period pivoting around the advent of feminism in Italy. In conclusion, the present research will try to look inside Sicilian masculinity and its transformation in different historical moments (like in the works of Bellassai 2004; Bellassai – Malatesta 2000; Ruspini 2003), trough the images of man represented in literary and cinematic works and how such works produced and re-produced different aspects of Sicilian masculinity. ^