Electronic and Magnetic Structure of Octahedral Molecular Sieves

Date of Completion

January 2011


Chemistry, Inorganic|Physics, Solid State




The major part of this research consists of magnetic and electronic studies of metal doped cryptomelane-type manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieves (KOMS-2). The second part of this study involves the magnetic characterization of cobalt doped MCM-41 before and after use in the synthesis of single walled carbon nanotubes.^ Manganese oxides have been used widely as bulk materials in catalysis, chemical sensors, and batteries due to the wide range of possible stable oxidation states. The catalytic function of manganese oxides is further tuned by doping the material with numerous transition metals. It is of particular interest the oxidation states of Mn present after doping. New titrations to determine the oxidation state of Mn were investigated. To further examine the structure of KOMS-2, the magnetic contribution of dopant metals was also examined. The KOMS-2 structure having both diamagnetic and paramagnetic metal ions substitutions was studied. ^ MCM-41 with the incorporation of cobalt into the structure was analyzed for its magnetic properties. The material undergoes significant structural change during the synthesis of single walled carbon nanotubes. It was the focus of this portion of the research to do a complete magnetic profile of both the before and after reaction material. ^