Part A: Investigations of the Synthesis of Pyrazinochlorins and Other Porphyrin Derivatives. Part B: investigations of Student Translation Between 2-D/3-D Representations of Molecules

Date of Completion

January 2011


Chemistry, Organic|Education, Sciences




This dissertation will be composed of two parts. The first part was completed under the direction of Dr. Christian Brückner and outlines the synthesis of porphyrins and related derivatives. It explores specifically the synthesis of pyrazinoporphyrin, a pyrrole-modified porphyrin, the use of microwaves for porphyrin synthesis, and the synthesis of a novel building block for use in an expanded porphyrin structure. Lastly, this part will describe a laboratory experiment, suitable for an organic chemistry course, which investigates the photophysical properties of porphyrins using brown eggs as a source of protoporphyrin IX. ^ The second part, under the advisement of Dr. Tyson Miller, will detail research conducted on students' ability to translate between two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations of molecules. Using the Grounded Theory and a formal interview it was investigated what errors students make as they translate from a two-dimensional drawing to a three-dimensional model, and visa versa. This part also seeks to gain an understanding, through the use of phenomenography what was factors contribute to cognitive overload when drawing chiral centers. ^