Surface measurements of flow in a plane turbine cascade

Date of Completion

January 2008


Engineering, Mechanical




Plane turbine cascades are used to improve the capability to predict aerodynamic loss, loading, and heat transfer in gas turbine engines. One improvement yet to be made is the ability to predict local aerodynamic loss generation. That ability would be beneficial to designers seeking to improve the geometry of a turbine passage. This thesis documents measurements from a large scale, low speed, turbine cascade. The measurements facilitate quantification of local aerodynamic loss generation, a necessary step toward predictive capability. The measurements documented herein and in earlier studies can be used also to improve the capability to predict heat transfer. ^ The new measurements made for this project are of skin friction, limiting streamline direction and surface pressure. These measurements complement flow field, surface static pressure and heat transfer measurements taken in earlier studies. The combined set of measurements makes this the most thoroughly documented turbine cascade under similar experimental conditions. ^