Development of a standards-based feedback system to guide the professional growth of school leaders in Connecticut

Date of Completion

January 2007


Education, Administration




School leaders are hired to improve the quality of teaching and learning in their schools. To accomplish this they must have a process that allows them to gain insights to identify needs through honest and accurate feedback, be given time to reflect on the data gathered, and have the opportunity for professional dialogue as they work to set professional goals that lead to improvement. Professional growth plans that are aligned with the Connecticut Standards for School Leaders are necessary components to this process. In addition, these plans must be focused and have clear action steps that will convey the potential to improve teaching and student learning. This study attempted to put these structures in place by implementing the Learning-Focused Leadership for School Improvement Feedback System with twelve urban school leaders in Connecticut. Mini-case studies and a cross comparison analysis was done to examine how the feedback system influenced the school leaders' professional growth plans, to gain their perceptions, and solicit suggestions for improvement of the feedback system. This study revealed that the system was easy to use and built a sense of professional camaraderie for the participants. The system led the school leaders to the development of growth plans that were directly linked to the standards with half of these being identified as having the potential to improve the teaching and learning in their schools. ^