A conceptual framework of the antecedents of information technology diffusion in collegiate sport organizations

Date of Completion

January 2002


Business Administration, Management




Empirically identifying the factors related to the diffusion of information technologies (IT) within organizations has become increasingly important. However, despite its prominence and increasing importance from a strategic standpoint within collegiate sport organizations, it has received little attention from those in the field of sport management. The current study sought to determine the antecedents of IT diffusion in collegiate sport organizations, including the mediating role, if any, played by the construct market orientation . A purposive sample (n = 311) of NCAA Division I and NCAA Division II collegiate sport managers was used for this research. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used to model the diffusion process and test the significance of selected factors in directing the diffusion of IT within collegiate sport organizations. ^ Results showed four factors—market orientation; managerial perception/attitude of IT; organizational structure; and organizational size—were significant predictors of IT diffusion. Market orientation did not mediate the diffusion process in collegiate sport organizations. Results are discussed relative to the their contribution to the diffusion literature, and in terms of strategic management implications for collegiate sport managers. ^