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Fiber optics; Optical logic; Fiber laser

Major Advisor

Dr. Niloy.K. Dutta

Associate Advisor

Dr. Gayanath Fernando

Associate Advisor

Dr. Boris Sinkovic

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


The next generation of fiber-optic communication system demands ultra-high speed data processing and switching components. Conventional electro-optical parts have reached their bottleneck both speed-wise and efficiency-wise. The idea of manipulating high speed data in all-optical domain is gaining more popularity. In this PhD dissertation, I showed the design and performance analysis of two kinds of ultra-fast all-optical latches, Set-Reset latch and D-flip-flop, based on two different schemes: (1) cross gain and phase modulation (XGM and XPM) in quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifiers (QD-SOA) and (2) two-photon absorption (TPA) in bulk semiconductor optical amplifiers. Design and simulation of a scheme to realize high speed all-optical encryption and decryption using key-stream generators and XOR gates based on QD-SOA are included in this dissertation. We also proposed and simulated all-optical Boolean logic functions with improved output quality using binary phase shift keyed signal based on QD-SOA. A fiber ring laser system with charcoal nano-particles as saturable absorber inside the cavity has been designed and experimentally demonstrated. This fiber ring laser system can generate optical pulse train @ 20Gb/s with improved stability and smaller pulse width comparing with the system without nano-particles in the cavity.