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Organic Chemistry; Synthetic Methodology; Reaction Development; Continuous Flow; Organofluorine; Oxoammonium Salt

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Dr. Nicholas E. Leadbeater

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Dr. William F. Bailey

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Dr. Mark W. Peczuh

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Dr. Edward J. Neth

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Doctor of Philosophy

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This dissertation focuses on three areas for methods development: continuous-flow processing, oxoammonium salt-mediated transformations, and organofluorine-focused reactions. These areas are not only highly attractive to elements within the chemical community but represent a central theme in my work. Described herein, is the development of methods to perform metal-catalyzed reactions involving gaseous reagents (CO and H2) in continuous-flow reactors. In addition, the repertoire of oxidative protocols has been augmented to extend the frontier of oxoammonium salt-based transformations. Finally, a novel route to prepare trifluoromethyl cyclopropanes utilizing 1,3 g-silyl elimination was developed to advance organofluorine methodologies. The guiding principal behind this transformation, namely the enhanced neighboring group participation, has been expanded to synthesize fluoroalkyl- and perfluoroalkyl-substituted vinyl cyclopropanes.