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Organofluorine; Continuous Flow Processing; Organic Chemistry; Oxoammonium Salts; Oxidation; Synthetic Methods; Oxidative Functionalization; Computational Chemistry; Organosilicon; Carbocations

Major Advisor

Dr. Nicholas E. Leadbeater

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Dr. William F. Bailey

Associate Advisor

Dr. James M. Bobbitt

Associate Advisor

Dr. Mark W. Peczuh

Associate Advisor

Dr. Edward J. Neth

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Doctor of Philosophy

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The development of new synthetic methodologies is critical to the advancement of organic chemistry. Development of such methods enables future chemist to chart new chemical territory and do so with precision. Three areas for methods development have been successfully explored: access to fluorinated motifs (perfluoroalkyl ketones & cyclopropanes), oxoammonium salt-based oxidative reactions (experimentally and computationally), and continuous-flow chemistry. These areas not only garner significant attention in the current literature but represent a central theme to this work: performing synthetically useful chemical transformations in a more efficient (and possibly more environmentally friendly) manner.