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LGB affirmative training, marriage and family therapy supervision

Major Advisor

Sandra A. Rigazio-DiGilio, Ph.D.

Associate Advisor

Rona Preli, Ph.D.

Associate Advisor

Robert Ryder, Ph.D.

Field of Study

Human Development and Family Studies


Doctor of Philosophy

Open Access

Open Access


This study is a replication of Burkard, Knox, Hess, and Schultz’s (2009) study of lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) affirmative and non-affirmative supervision. Using a consensual qualitative research (CQR) design as described by Hill et al. (1997, 2005), LGB supervisees from COAMFTE-accredited master’s and doctoral programs were interviewed regarding their experiences of LGB-affirmative and non-affirmative supervision. Supervisees were asked to describe a LGB-affirmative event and a LGB-non-affirmative event from their past or current individual or group supervision. Supervisees were asked the ways in which these events affected their personal and professional development, the supervisory relationship, and their work with clients.