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macrolide, synthesis, structure, natural product-like, antibiotic, carbohydrate

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Dr. Mark W. Peczuh

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Dr. Edward J. Neth

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Dr. Dennis L. Wright

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Natural product-like molecules containing a macrocycle are attractive synthetic targets due to their novel molecular architectures. Additionally, they often present biological activity. Previous efforts from our group delivered carbohydrate-fused [13]-macrodilactones. The macrodilactones are built off C4 and C6 position of the carbohydrate. We also prepared macrolactones that are fused through the C1 and C5 positions of a pyranose ring. The connectivity to the carbohydrate affords a bicyclic system featuring a one atom bridge between ring systems. The novel macrolactones have been produced via a concise synthetic sequence that includes acylation of a 1-allyl glycoside followed by ring closing metathesis (RCM). [12], [13] and [14] member lactones which contain an alkene have been produced. Structural investigations of the new macrocycles including crystallographic data have been obtained. Presentation of mild antibiotic activity from the [12] membered macrocycles prompted diversification at C4 of the pyranose system to develop a biological profile of the new targets.