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diabetes, screening, inmates, prisoners, corrections

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Denise Panosky

Associate Advisor

Deborah Shelton

Associate Advisor

Mark Buchanan

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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Open Access


Implementation and adherence to screening recommendations of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) clinical practice guidelines are associated with earlier diagnosis and treatment. Standardized T2D screening helps ensure consistency of care and decrease unnecessary testing by targeting those at greatest risk for developing the disease. The aim of this quality improvement pilot project was to facilitate standardized T2D screening of inmates within a correctional system. The number and frequency of selected preexisting major T2D risk factors identified within a sample of inmates diagnosed during incarceration were described. A clinical panel reviewed these data and identified the guideline that best addressed T2D risk in the sample. Implementation of guideline screening recommendations as a prospective quality improvement study in a broader sample was proposed prior to considering statewide application.