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Italian-American politics, elections, legislative voting behavior

Major Advisor

Jeffrey W. Ladewig

Associate Advisor

Vincent G. Moscardelli

Associate Advisor

Samuel J. Best

Associate Advisor

Oksan Bayulgen

Associate Advisor

Matthew M. Singer

Field of Study

Political science


Doctor of Philosophy

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Even though, sociologically, the average Italian/American Member of Congress (MC) is virtually identical to his/her non-Italian/American counterpart, there are important and remarkable differences between the two that are attributable to their ethnic background. This work shows that Italian/Americans should not be dismissed as a political force just because Americans of Italian ancestry are very well integrated and assimilated within American society. In fact, regardless of the fact that their socioeconomic makeup seems to be in line with the standard socioeconomic makeup of the overall American population, there is something almost intangible about their membership in a very specific ethnic group that produces tangible, measurable, and important political consequences. Some of these consequences are described and analyzed, including where Italian/American MCs are elected, whether or not an “Italian/American electoral advantage” exists, and how Italian/American MCs behave while in office.

Available for download on Saturday, December 09, 2023