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reminiscence, mental health, reminiscence functions scale, exploratory factor analysis, psychometric properties, Jordan

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Dr. Juliette Shellman

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Dr. Richard Fortinsky

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Dr. Louise Reagan

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Reminiscence, the process of recollecting early memories in one’s life, fulfills distinct functions. Psychiatric nurses need to understand reminiscence functions before conducting therapeutic reminiscence interventions that aim to improve mental health-related outcomes. Although reminiscence functions are sensitive to cultural and ethnic contexts, there is no reminiscence research among the Arabic-speaking population. The overall goal of this manuscript-style dissertation was to begin to address the gap that exists in the reminiscence literature about cultural differences in the uses and functions of reminiscence among Jordanian adults. To close this gap, three distinct scholarly works were developed into manuscripts and, together, comprise this dissertation. The first manuscript presents a theoretical analysis of Reed’s theory of self-transcendence and provides the theoretical underpinnings of this program of research. The second manuscript is an examination of what evidence already exists to support the uses of reminiscence in dementia care through an integrative review. This review provides an in-depth view of the benefits of using reminiscence in dementia care. The third manuscript presents findings from an examination of the psychometric properties of the Arabic Reminiscence Functions Scale (RFS) in a sample of Arabic speakers from Jordan (N= 422). The Arabic RFS is a valid and reliable scale for determining the reasons why Jordanian adults reminisce. Finally, implications for practice, research, policy, and education are presented. Collectively, the results of these manuscripts, supported by a robust theoretical basis, can advance knowledge about reminiscence interventions by providing psychiatric nurses with evidence of its uses and by guiding future research about measuring reminiscence functions in Jordan.

Available for download on Sunday, July 28, 2030