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conjugated polymer, electrochromism, band-gap, diffusion, metal-insulator transition

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Gregory A. Sotzing

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Menka Jain

Associate Advisor

Ramamurthy Ramprasad

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


First, the effect of monomer feed ratios when two electroactive monomers diffuse towards each other as a means of modulating the band gap by creating different copolymers is presented. From two homopolymers, having a high and low energy band gap, a set of conjugated copolymers with different energy bang gaps were prepared in a single run using diffusion fundamentals. . Hence, a combination of the two monomers is used to generate solid state electrochromic devices of any color.

Second, the preparation and characterization of conductive fabric using a conjugated polymer is introduced. The electrical properties, morphology, and the effect of temperature on conductive fabric resistance over a wide range of temperature were investigated. It was found that the conductive fabric had low sheet resistance with passage of high current. The material exhibited metallic behavior at a specific temperature due to the modulation in the band gap from the semiconductor to metal range