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German, Vilém Flusser

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Anke Finger

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Katharina von Hammerstein

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Sebastian Wogenstein

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Vilém Flusser was a migrant and nomad, exiled, uprooted, without firm ground. He was an industrious essayist and 20th-century pioneer in media and communication theory and among other scholars, paved the way for what we now call Digital Humanities. Flusser’s own theories on rhizomatic and hypertextual writings are connected with his autobiographical theory, as “[t]his structure is given to us through the language within which we think, just as irrevocably as it is given to the spider through the web” (Vilém Flusser, On Doubt 40). This dissertation seeks to explore and illustrate Flusser’s oeuvre as exemplary model for understanding his lived theory of rhizomatic autobiographical writings.

Available for download on Friday, April 19, 2030