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Rituals, Immigrants, Cultural Practices, Ethiopian Jews, Israel

Major Advisor

Andrew Deener

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Gaye Tuchman

Associate Advisor

Ruth Braunstein

Associate Advisor

Claudio Benzecry

Associate Advisor

Nissim Mizrachi

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


This dissertation is about migration and the process of ritual integration into a new context. It speaks of the constraints, failures, and success of reassembling ritual practices in a post-migration context and of their consequences on group cohesion. I focus ethnographically on four types of pre-migration ritual practices. Each speaks to different domain of communal life—bodily greetings, ceremonial coffee, birth-related rituals, and death related rituals. This work engages with and draw on literatures from micro sociology, ethnicity and migration studies, and sheds light on how certain pre-migration rituals effectively continue in the post-migration context, tie people together and foster groupness, while others get contested, split people apart, and foster bifurcation and conflict.

Available for download on Monday, October 01, 2029