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classroom management, video modeling, self-monitoring

Major Advisor

Lisa Sanetti, PhD

Associate Advisor

Melissa Bray, PhD

Associate Advisor

Jennifer Freeman, PhD

Field of Study

Educational Psychology


Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


The implementation of effective classroom management strategies has been associated with increases in student academic engagement and decreases in student disruptive behavior. However, teacher-training programs often fail to provide pre-service teachers with the knowledge base and experience necessary to implement these strategies. Training options exist for in-service teachers to acquire these skills; however, they often require a level of time on the part of the trainer and trainee that may not be available in schools. A more time efficient training solution may be video modeling plus a brief self-monitoring intervention. This study investigated the use of video modeling plus self-monitoring to train teachers to use specific praise as a classroom management strategy. A multiple-baseline design across three teacher participants was utilized to evaluate improvements in teacher behavior. Data were also collected on student outcomes (i.e., academic engagement and disruptive behavior). Results indicate that the intervention increased the use of specific praise in two of the three teacher participants; results did not indicate improvement in student outcomes (i.e., academic engagement and disruptive behavior). Limitations, directions for future research, and implications for practice and research are also presented.