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chromatin interaction, super-resolution imaging, ChIA-PET, breast cancer, metastasis, enhancer

Major Advisor

Yijun Ruan

Associate Advisor

Blanka Rogina

Associate Advisor

Derya Unutmaz

Associate Advisor

James Li

Associate Advisor

Jeff Chuang

Field of Study

Biomedical Science


Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


Higher-order chromatin organization in cell nucleus is mysterious. Microscopy and high-throughput sequencing technologies have been applied to reveal the connections between genome structure and gene transcription, which is the main topic of my thesis. Higher-order chromatin organization differs across cell types and species, giving an insight into disease genesis and tumorigenesis. Despite an enormous progress has been made recently in epigenomic study, lots of things remain unknown.

My dissertation reviews the current understanding of epigenomics, characterizes chromatin interaction in mammalian cells using different technologies, investigates chromatin reorganization in breast cancer cells, analyzes integrated genomic and epigenomic data in breast cancer metastasis and discusses results and future directions.