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economic freedom, civil liberties, human rights, Google, free speech

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Richard Langlois

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Nishith Prakash

Associate Advisor

Metin Coşgel

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Doctor of Philosophy

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In this dissertation, I consider several facets of the putative connection between economic freedom and civil liberties, most famously expressed in Friedrich A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom and Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom. The most widely-used datasets in this literature are the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of the World and Freedom House’s Freedom in the World indexes. In chapter 1, I analyze the relationship between these indexes to better understand the meaning of research that finds a relationship between the freedoms they purport to measure. In chapter 2, I analyze the relationship between economic freedom and state control of speech as expressed through requests to remove content from Google properties. In chapter 3 (previously published in the Journal of Private Enterprise), I analyze the relationship between economic freedom and the physical integrity rights measured by the CIRI Human Rights Dataset.