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Protein-Polymer Conjugates, Enzymatic Catalysis, Biofuel Cell, Organic Enzymology, High Temperature Catalysis

Major Advisor

Dr. Rajeswari M. Kasi

Associate Advisor

Dr. Challa V. Kumar

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Dr. Ashis Basu

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Open Access


Recently use of protein-polymer nanocomposites in biocatalysis is becoming the area of interest for wide varieties of applications. Our lab focuses on development and design of the protein-polymer conjugates and then synthesizing nanocomposites using 2D nano-layered materials such as graphene oxide (GO) and graphene. These nanocomposites can be used in plethora applications such as solar cells, biofuel cells, bio-batteries and in biocatalysis for various industrial applications. The whole world is facing an energy crisis situation and we urgently need alternative to fuel source. Therefore, well thoughtful synthesis and design of protein-polymer nanocomposites are need of an hour. Preliminary part of this study is focused on production of protein-polymer conjugate and then assembly of these conjugates on GO or graphene. Then the characterization and evaluation for biocatalysis and other valuable applications.

Four major goals that form the basis of this thesis are- 1. Synthesis and characterization of the enzyme-polymer nanocomposites using simple and green method using biocompatible materials to stabilize enzymes. 2. Synthesize enzyme-polymer conjugates for biocatalysis in organic media. 3. Synthesis of bienzyme-polymer conjugates and nanocomposites for biocatalysis at low pH conditions, high temperatures and in presence of denaturant such as sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). 4. Production of multienzyme-polymer conjugates and nanocomposites for biocatalysis and biofuel cell applications.