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Student Discipline, Restorative Practice, Racial Disproportionality

Major Advisor

Dr. Casey D. Cobb

Associate Advisor

Dr. Sarah L. Woulfin

Associate Advisor

Dr. Preston C. Green III

Field of Study

Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)


Doctor of Education

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Open Access


This study examines how restorative practice takes shape in a single, racially diverse interdistrict school in the Northeast. It focuses on two fundamental questions: what does restorative practice look like at this school; and to whom is restorative practice applied at this school?

Using critical race theory as a contextual and analytical framework, I explore the relationship between P-12 public schools’ race neutral policies, system-wide racially disparate student discipline outcomes, and the efficacy of restorative practice as a more equitable, socially just student discipline model. My study investigates the effect of restorative practice on one school’s student discipline outcomes; and explores the potential for racially disparate treatment within restorative practice. Interviews in a small school with a sample of students and administrators, informal observations of administrators, teachers and students, and document analysis were conducted to examine how school administrators conceptualize, implement, and assess restorative practice in their school; and capture the perspectives of 11th and 12th grade students about school rules, student discipline, and restorative practice. As public school administrators throughout P-12 education examine responses to actual or perceived student misbehavior, my research probes the usefulness of restorative practice as a student discipline response in one school.