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In 1896, the students of the Storrs Agricultural College established a student newspaper, "The Lookout". Published every month, "The Lookout" had a small, unpaid staff who laid out the pages by hand using tiny metal slugs with embossed letters from a printer's California job case. By 1914, the paper had changed its name to "The Connecticut Campus", reflecting the growth of the institution that had become the Connecticut Agricultural College in 1899, and the student newspaper increased its publication schedule to twice a month. The paper continued to grow along with the campus in Storrs, and in 1953 "The Connecticut Campus" -- which had moved from being published monthly, to weekly, and then to a three-days-a-week publication schedule -- made its last transition to becoming a daily newspaper. In 1955, the renamed "Connecticut Daily Campus" became a morning paper printed on newsprint. In the 1970's, the University of Connecticut Board of Trustees granted "The Connecticut Daily Campus" its independence from the Associated Student Government. Currently, "The Daily Campus" is the largest daily college newspaper in the state of Connecticut and employs more than 120 students during the academic year. Published Monday through Friday during the academic year, 10,000 copies are delivered to over 80 locations both on- and off-campus.