Submissions from 2006


The Cell Agglutination Agent, Phytohemagglutinin-L, Improves the Efficiency of Somatic Nuclear Transfer Cloning in Cattle (Bos taurus), Fuliang Du, Perng-Chih Shen, Jie Xu, Li-Ying Sung, B-Seon Jeong, Tshimangadzo Lucky Nedambale, John Riesen, X Cindy Tian, Winston T K Cheng, Shan-Nan Lee, and Xiangzhong Yang

Submissions from 2005


Expression of Imprinted Genes Is Aberrant in Deceased Newborn Cloned Calves and Relatively Normal in Surviving Adult Clones, Lan Yang, Pascale Chavatte-Palmer, Chikara Kubota, Michael O'neill, Thomas Hoagland, Jean-Paul Renard, Maneesh Taneja, Xiangzhong Yang, and X Cindy Tian

Submissions from 2004


The Differential Requirement of Albumin and Sodium Citrate on the Development of In Vitro Produced Bovine Embryos, Li-Ying Sung, Fuliang Du, Jie Xu, Wancun Chang, Tshimangadzo Lucky Nedambale, Jiaxin Zhang, Shie Jiang, X. Cindy Tian, and Xiangzhong Yang