Yolanda Sampson



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Yolanda Sampson relates the history of her path into puppet ministry and her PuppeTainment Productions company, which presents Christian stories in a “hip, entertaining way,” bringing “biblical principles to life for twenty-first century children.” She recounts her initiation in puppet ministry at the age of twelve, and her development of stories about the dangers of drug culture in the Washington, D.C. area, as well as her use of puppetry in beauty pageant competitions, and her ventures into puppet video productions such as What Time is It? and Tell It Like It Is. Sampson took a three-year hiatus to earn her Master of Divinity degree, after which she returned to creating “fun products that educate and empower elementary-aged children to live out their Christian faith,” and created GO Y.O. Worldwide, LLC as a global platform for her puppet productions.

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puppetry, performing objects, African American culture


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Power Puppets in Portable Pulpits: A Personal Account of Puppet Ministry in the African American Community