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The food plants of the Cydnidae (Cydninae, Sehirinae, Scaptocorinae, Amnestinae, Garsauriinae, Thaumastellinae, Parastrachiinae, Corimelaeninae), Plataspidae, Megarididae, Cyrtocoridae, and Lestoniidae, compiled from the literature, are discussed. So too are the habitats of these insects, most of which live on or are associated with the ground. This association supports an earlier assertion that life on the ground was the way of lile of the early hemipterans. Most of these groups are polyphagous. However, the Plataspidae feed largely upon legumes, the Scaptocorinae upon the roots of Gramineae, some Cydninae also upon legumes, and many Sehirinae upon members of the advanced dicot subclass Asteridae. Fallen seeds and roots are the preferred plant parts.

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